Who is the Hero of Your Life? – Who is your example?

Hands and feet pierced
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So who is the hero in your life? Who is your example of faith and endurance? Who do you look to for encouragement, that if they can get through their struggles, you can get through yours? Please “leave a reply” below with their name and their story? How are they an example of faith and encouragement?

(For me, it is Miss Heddi, who is 95 years old and is still active in senior citizen workout. She moves pretty well, and she drives herself there. If she can persevere, so can I!)

Who is your example of faith? Share below!

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  1. My Goodness! You really have me here! After a lot of thought, I cannot just settle on any one person except Jesus. ( The only perfect one the one I’d follow anywhere without question( If only I had His courage. )
    But that’s cheating because I know you mean in the context of every day life. And I can’t narrow it down. My sister, Susan, who after losing her husband and shortly after, a son, to suicide, then went on to start a coaching business to work with grief survivors integrating their faith and fitness. She won the famous Iron man triathlon at 65!( A 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run.)

    My mother, long with the Lord, who taught art in the ghettos of Philadelphia because of her deep commitment and conviction to fight racism the right way…with love and education.

    A pastor who lives in my community who has been given less than 6 months to live and still works to save souls, who buys books and Bible tracts with his meager Social Security to distribute here and has a prison ministry. I never see him when he’s not smiling.

    I could go on….

    1. Great examples there. When trials come, we may not see it but we do have a choice what to do with them. Like Joseph, too, God was working in all of that to bring about His plans, for His good, and for the children of Israel. What I need to keep reminding myself is this – God is large and in charge and He will make it all work together for good, in His time.

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