What does it mean that God is immutable? One of His attributes means …

God is immutable
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What does it mean that God is immutable? One of His attributes means … that He never changes. According to the article I was reading from Bible Study Tools, this second attribute of God means that God’s character, plans, and promises remain the same. In short, God is reliable. What He says He will do, He will do.

I think about the remote control. I like the “mute” button when a silly commercial comes on, or one that I have seen way too many times. When I mute the sound, I block it. I keep it from affecting my ears. A television is mute-able, but God is not. We do not have the authority to stop His plans, His purposes, His character, or His promises. If we could change God, he wouldn’t be God. He would just be a collection of thoughts and beliefs in our own heads.

Because God doesn’t change, we can rely on His presence, His power, and His peace – and His unconditional love. That is pretty cool in my book.

He will come through and will stay with us to the end and through it all.


  1. I really love that the author of 15 Amazing Attributes of God illustrates immutability using Romans 8:35-39. I find this one of the most reassuring passages in the Bible. It asserts that nothing, and no one can separate us from the love of God. Not the most powerful thing that we can dream up will cause God to abandon us. He, and His promises and His amazing attributes, are and will be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Now that is some very good news.

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