We are beginning the celebration now

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We are beginning the celebration now. What celebration? The celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary! Wow! I can’t believe it … there are no words. There is no way we could have been married for 25 years already. Maybe 15 … do you know what I mean?


                                            John and Karen Day

Tomorrow we go to Gulfport to the Oceans Adventures. We are supposed to get to pet a manta ray, see a dolphin show, and things along that line. I don’t know what the Lord will lead us into from there, but it will be an adventure.

We are staying in a hotel that if you go past our entrance, you walk into a construction zone with stuff all over the place. It is quiet, the bed is nice, and the air conditioning feels great. We are glad to be here. On Tuesday we will go to the zoo. More on that later.

Until then, I just want to say praise the Lord for HIs faithfulness in bringing us through many adventures so far, and many more to come. Your prayers for wisdom, discernment, and lots of fun are greatly appreciated!

Pastor John


  1. What a nice picture of the two of you. I will be praying that this time will bless you in every way.
    P.S. Must you let the manta ray? That sounds scary😰

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