Wanting to learn and be vulnerable as I deal with trauma

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Damage from blow out on the interstate

God protected us

We had some trauma today, which showed that the Lord was in control and was seriously protecting us in a blowout on the interstate. It was the back driver side tire that came apart – not really a blow-out. We noticed it was shaking really bad as we were coming on to I-20 in Mississippi. We were on our way home from a shopping trip with Karen’s mom. After about 15 seconds of shaking, the tire went kaput. With God’s help, I was able to hang on to the steering wheel and get it off the road. We figured it was just a flat, but it also did some damage to the back quarter panel and back door.  God protected us from people flying around our blown tire, coming quickly by us as we stood there trying to get hold of insurance, rental company, and tow truck. Very confusing truck

The physical trauma is starting to kick in. The emotional trauma will last awhile. God is getting us through this, but it is very frustrating. God has protected us so very much, and we are thankful.

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