Trying to Eliminate Jesus Once Again

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Today I read about a principal in Nebraska, who wants to eliminate anything to do with Christmas. This includes Jesus as well as Santa. She made a list of items that could not be in the classroom and said that the reason she put candy canes on the list was the fact that a candy cane represents Jesus. She wrote that the red showed His blood and the white showed his resurrection and the upside down candy cane showed a J, which stood for Jesus.
She doesn’t realize that she is witnessing for Jesus, when she gave details. I think it is amazing that they tried to wipe out Jesus when He came to earth. Today they are still trying to do so!!! Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus! Thank you for coming to earth more than 2000 years ago.
I love you!


  1. Yes, very sad, but also affirming that, no matter how hard they try to eliminate Him, over 2000 years later, He still reigns.
    I live in 55+ housing and the management company sponsors a dinner. They have to be very careful to call it Winter Holiday Dinner, because, at another property they manage, they were sued and fined for using the word Christmas! Because one person claimed offense.
    I wish we could all let go of this political correctness taken to the point of prejudice. Too many years ago, when I was in college, one of my close friends was Jewish. His mother always sought my help in choosing just the right Christmas card for her Christian friends. I miss that attitude.

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