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Everything I have said or done has affected the trajectory of my life and those lives around me. When I look in the mirror and remember decisions I made and paths I chose to take, I often see that they were wide, and well-traveled paths that took me nowhere. I grew up in a good home where I was shown love and was well provided for. I was taught there was a God Who loved me and died for me. I felt God’s presence, yet I did not know how to connect with Him. No one told me that all I had to do was talk to Him and He would answer me. But, as so often happens, I became pre-occupied as I matured and began to spread my wings in the world. I ignored God for the most part and decided to live my life the way I wanted to. I remember now some of my biggest decisions were centered on how I was going to have fun every weekend. I remember choosing what I thought at that time to be exciting! It was fun! But, I was often ashamed of my behaviors when it came to the opposite sex, alcohol, and drugs. I see now that almost every choice I made in the category of “having fun” back then was driven by my own desires and my they caused me to stumble and fall. As the years went by, I became unhappy and unsatisfied in many of my relationships. I began to realize that choosing to please myself was always like trying to balance myself on a rickety, old fence, getting so close to the edge without falling over so that I could get what I wanted and still remain “safe.” I wasn’t allowing myself a margin of protection at all. So when I fell off that fence, I always seemed to get back up on it again hoping the next time I would not fall. Thoroughly dissatisfied with where I sat on that precarious perch, I decided there must be a better way. Grieving over losing a child and a dear friend to cancer, I sought help. Humility brought me to a personal search on how to fill up a hole in my heart. The Lord began to woo me. I began to pray often and everything began to change. He directed me toward wholeness, salvation, beauty, and eternity with Him. I began to tell myself, “No, I don’t want to be close to the edge of disaster anymore. I want to be where there is protection, grace, mercy, glory, and many blessings!” I haven’t turned back since. I have no other desire than to please Him Who loves me completely and gives me great peace no matter what I face in this world!!

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  1. Wow! I can relate to much of what you said. For me, being a young woman in the 1970s, it seemed nothing was off limits and judging things as right or wrong was out of fashion. They were relative terms (even to a person born and raised Christian.)
    I am beyond blessed that God did not leave me there.

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