Thoughts as we begin a new week

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Just a short note as we enter in a new week and a new month. Also asking for prayers for me and for the site.

There are times I am overwhelmed by the needs I see around me, and the needs of this community. One, in particular, has been on my heart this week. The Lord is also challenging me to do things in Him, as He leads, and to do them with patience. I am weak in that area, and I know I am not alone. I want the Lord’s will to be done with this site, and I want to lead it effectively.  I want people to know they are cared for and supported. I can do that a little bit, but the Lord can do it completely. I want people to be closer to Jesus and get more into His word, something we all need to do.

Please pray for me as I get ready to substitute teach in my Sunday School class in a few weeks. Pray for the physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and emotional health for each site member. More specific requests are on the prayer wall. If you have forgotten your password, just let me know, and I will send you the password for the prayer wall and the memory wall.  Send all questions, comments, concerns, requests, and/or contributions to the prayer wall or memory wall to me at

With love from the Lord,
Pastor John  


  1. Continuing prayers for all site members and the site itself, especially your efforts…that God will bless them!The site is already 6 mos. old!
    And, God bless you as you teach Sunday school. What age/grade level will you be teaching?

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