The story of two old batteriess, a storage room, and a 36 year old water heater

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The story of two old batteries, a storage room, and a 36 year old water heater


My mother-in-law certainly lives an adventurous life, and I bet she wishes she didn’t! She is 82 years old and has lived in her house for over 50 years. God has protected her and it for all those years. They are both still in good shape.

She also has a storage room at the side of the house. It has been a catch all for many years. Today we cleaned it out and found old floor tiles, a box of nails, several flower pots, some old shingles, a few old paint cans, and two very old car batteries – and yes, an old but still working water heater that is 36 years old and still works great!

Now you need to understand that when that old water heater was put in 36 years ago, the code was a lot more relaxed than it is now. That means that it can be close to the ground. We were made aware of that when the gas company came to shut off the gas so the old pipes could be replaced. He also pointed out that in fairly close proximity to the water heater were two old batteries. We realized that they had to go. They shouldn’t have been in there in the first place, at least not that close to the water heater. We just didn’t realize.

So what do you do with two old car batteries? I had rememembered that in the past I could take them to Wal-Mart and get paid a “core fee”. To make a long story short, we stopped at four different places – Auto-Zone, Wal-mart, Big 10 Tire, and Exide Batteries. At Auto-Zone, they said they could issue a store credit for the batteries. That wasn’t going to help us, since we don’t shop there, so we went on down the road.

The next step was at a tire place, thinking maybe they also dealt with batteries. (We had already been to Wal-Mart, and they said they needed the receipt to show that the batteries had been bought there.) The tire place didn’t take them, but they did say there was a battery place across the road. That was the key piece of information that we needed. After a short jaunt across the road, we were able to turn in these two old batteries and got $8.00 a piece. That $16.00 will go a long way to help with groceries and maybe other needs.

Only God could have put all this together – two very old car batteries, a storage room that needed to be cleaned out, an old water heater that was well built and still works great, and some much needed cash. The batteries had been there for years, but the time for them to be “redeemed” was now.

God promised in Ezek. 36:26 that I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

So let’s tie this together. At just the right time, God reached down and took out a heart that was used up and broken and replaced it with a brand new heart, a heart filled that is now filled with the love and the blood of Jesus, who died for you. The world may say that we are used up, finished, and unfruitful. The world is lying and doesn’t know what it is talking about.

You are a Spirit filled child of the Most High God, totally transformed (and being transformed) in heart, well loved, and useful to the Kingdom of God. As Ps. 92:14 says, “they will still bear fruit in old age.”

Thank you, Jesus, for buying us back and making us new and alive in You.



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