The adventure of buying and selling a house – and God’s faithfulness

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The adventure of buying and selling a house – and God’s faithfulness

buying and selling a house

This post is for the benefit of anyone who has ever experienced the long term process of buying and/or selling a house. This is our story of God’s faithfulness and leading through what turned out to be about a three-year process. In the end, it was worth it, but I am getting ahead of myself.

My wife was raised in Mississippi, where we live now. For more than 20 years we lived in Kentucky in two different locations. After five years of marriage, we were finally able to buy our own home in south-central Kentucky, a nice two-story house with great neighbors – but far away from family. I was fairly close to mine, but her family was 10 hours away. The cry of her heart was “I wish we could see my family more than twice a year.” And she was right.

That heart cry resonated in my head and my heart and in my prayers until God gave me an answer that shocked both of us – “Why don’t we sell our house and move to Mississippi?” That is what the Lord laid on my heart and that is what came out of my mouth, to sell our house and move. Oh, the journey that began!

I believe we went through four realtors before we sold our house – long periods of nothing, many changes, some repairs and lots of prayers. That was the selling end of the deal. On the other end of the spectrum was finding and buying a house in Mississippi. That was an adventure!
I don’t know how many houses we looked at, but it was a lot! Cracked foundations, holes in the roof, “level” houses going down-hill, “under contract”, “sorry, this house is not for sale”, “If you live here you have to pay an extra fee”, “this one’s out of our budget but we might as well look at it anyway”, and at least three “I think we’ve found our house.” The house the Lord led us to – very clearly led us to – is on a solid foundation with a new roof, fairly new appliances, and even a room for my piano and a bonus storage room – and a shed! The Lord provided the wisdom, the financing, the timing, and the peace that was needed in order for us to make this transition. It was a hard process and stretched our faith and endurance to the limits, but God was faithful all the way. He led us through it all.

If you are in a long process and you find it discouraging, just realize you are not alone. There are those that can relate down here, and there is a Heavenly Father who totally understands and who is totally in charge. God is good and will stay with you through the journey.


  1. That was a leap of faith! Since our good and gracious God sees the big picture and we only see it one frame at a time, it sure can stretch our faith, but each time our faith is stretched, it grows. We are so blessed to be children of God. In good times and in bad, we can see His hand in our outcomes.

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