Thankful for a productive day and looking forward to a productive week

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I am thankful for a productive day and looking forward to a productive week in the Lord if I am receptive to His will and His leading. Here are the details. I share them with you because I want to be vulnerable and real with you, and  I need your prayers. 

Today I was privileged to teach Sunday school for one of the senior men’s classes. We were studying in the book of Mark, chapter two, and focusing in on the fact that Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. It was a great discussion, so much so that I am still trying to process what all was brought out in class. It was awesome. (Of course, talking it all over with Karen just reinforced it all and opened up new ideas for her. Praise the Lord.

We are also both excited that this week we are expecting to get our car back from the body shop. The loaner (rental) is nice, but it doesn’t belong in our carport. Our Rav4 belongs there. 

As part of the process, we want to make sure that all paperwork is clear and complete, and that all that needs to be done with the car, insurance, rental, documentation, and who knows what else, will be done. We want this behind us, and we are so ready to move on.

Spiritually, the heart of the battle for me is to get personally closer to Jesus and to either rest and/or move in His presence. The challenge in the sermon was “Do you know God?” I do, but possibly more on a head level than on a heart level. 

Please pray that God gives us clear direction and insight into all things practical and spiritual this week and that our priorities will be Christ-driven and Christ led.

May the Lord’s mercy and grace be on us all and prosper us in body, mind, and soul.


  1. I will pray about your concerns. I suspect that most of us relate to Jesus in both ways (head and heart) depending on the circumstances. I have asked myself the same question. I think one can be a gifted theologian and still not be a very good Christian. Also many who possess much Biblical knowledge probably lack the faith of a little child who cannot yet read. In the end, I think it’s not what you think but what you do(like the sheep and the goats.) and you, Pastor John, do much good from the heart, out of love for the Lord, with the spirit of charity and humility.

    Right now, I’m following our Shepherd’s urging, kicking and screaming all the way…lol…He has told me that, for Lent, he would like me to pray for a very mean, angry and difficult neighbor. That is what he wants from me! So, He and I are talking and I’m like, Lord, can’t I just give up chocolate like everyone else???But compared to what He’s done for me, It isn’t much to ask. So He knows that right now my obedience is coming from my head, but with His help, before long, those prayers will be coming from my heart. I love God’s sense of humor.

    1. Yep. I think He must get a good laugh looking at us sometimes. He knows we are going to end up giving in and doing what He has been telling us to do all along, and that we will feel better when we do. I’ve seen it with students, and I’ve seen it with me. We work so hard to get out of work, that it would have been better if we had just done what we should have done in the first place. I remember what Jesus said about the two sons in Mat. 21:29-31. One said he would not do the work, but did it anyway. The other son said he would do it but didn’t. My point is that we do things in obedience that we don’t want to do. Once we start doing them, like loving and praying for our enemies, our attitude begins to change. The action comes first, then the feeling. In all this, God understands what is going on in our hearts, and is leading us to do His will, even while He is changing our hearts. It is God who is transforming us in our minds and spirits, working in us all the time. Okay, end of book and end of the sermon. I’ll close with this … 🙂

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