feeling unloved

In this chapter Jacob arrives at his relatives property and meets Rachel at the well. As he spends time with them he falls in love with Rachel. But when it comes time to marry her he is tricked and ends up with Leah. I am not really sure what was meant by saying Leah had bad eyes. Maybe that she was not as pretty as Rachel? Does not matter though because we see here that she is feeling unloved by husband

But God sees this, how she is being treated unfairly and He blesses her. The blessing may not be an easy blessing for her to live with. After all God cursed women with painful childbirth. Then raising all the children while Jacob is out in the fields. One thing that gets me though, if Jacob did not love her then why did make it so that she could have so many children? What was his thinking? I guess maybe it was that in culture back then they did not have a way to divorce yet. He was just doing his duty as a husband. 

Feeling Unloved by Husband

If he was just doing his duty just think of how devastating it was to Leah’s ego, her self worth. God knew she needed comfort. He also knew the bond between child and mother. To give her the love she yearned for, to show her that God sees her, He gave her many children. 

I know when I felt unloved by my husband, even by the world I yearned for a child. I felt like at least that way someone would love me. But, the truth of the matter is that kids are hard work! Giving birth hurts more than some of the worst physical pain that is out there. Then raising them to be responsible adults takes every inch of energy out of a person.

What kind of blessing is that then? It is one of the best blessings I think. I feel I need to acknowledge those who cannot have children though. I know He has blessings for you that are beyond what anyone could imagine. He has a plan for everyone who believes in Him. 

Feeling unloved by husband

Let’s go back to Leah though. She has not suffered through child birth and has all these kids to raise. I am pretty sure as she is human that at times she wondered if she could really make it through some days. She already was self conscious I am sure because of her looks and how Jacob complained about marrying her. Now her husband only sleeps with her out of duty and these kids are underfoot all the time. Even  resenting her as I am sure all kids go through those feelings at times. 

feeling unloved by husband
feeling unloved by husband

feeling unloved by husband

Even through these struggling circumstances the Bible says God kept blessing her. He did not change the situation, maybe He even compounded it. But, because He had a plan and He saw she needed someone in her life to love her. He gave her child after child. 

What I take from this chapter is that sometimes God’s blessings can add more responsibility. When that happens we may turn to grumbling against God. But if we can be like Leah and see each and every new child as God’s blessing what better attitude could that give us. Maybe God has you living in some poor conditions. If we look past the circumstances and see even the small blessings can help make things more bearable. 

Are you able to look past your circumstances and see some positive. Something, some how see God’s hand is there with you still? If you need someone to pray and talk with you I am here for you. 

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god uses broken people

God Uses Broken People

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Update! We are homeowners!

The years between 2005 until now 2019 have been long and hard. We made a lot of mistakes in our marriage, but The Lord had a plan through it all. I had a glimpse of that plan when we separated in 2007, I fell to my knees cried out to God and He showed me we would live together in our own home and serve our community. The home you see on the end of the video is not finished, but we sign for it today. It is the home God promised me in 2007!

Through the years there has been much pain for us, our children and others who are close to us. I would like to say right now we are sorry. Sorry for our bullheadedness, my fear and control to try to deal with my fears. But, what satan stole from us thru temptations and sins God is now giving back 1000 fold. You see we do not deserve this home, what we should get for our sins is to live apart and struggling. But, just for our believing and trusting God He is blessing us.

god uses broken people
God uses broken people like you and me to help and rescue broken people like you and me.

God uses broken people like us. Already someone from the closest Salvation Army has agreed to give us a ride to church once we move into the home. I believe that is where we will be serving our community. I do not know much more than that right now but I trust as we do the next good step He will bless others with showing His power through us. Today we are going to sign the papers for the home. Work still needs to be done, it may take us a month to actually move in. But, I trust His timing and how God uses broken people to bless others around us.

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submission in marriage

In this sermon by Pastor Pete Briscoe he teaches about submission in marriage. I never heard it taught in this way before. It really spoke to my husband and I. I pray that you would have the time to hear what he has to say. Submission in Marriage really is a mutual submission, not just the woman’s responsibility.

In our marriage this way to look at submission makes so much sense. I am the higher functioning, outspoken, take charge person. My husband has admitted he does not like to be the leader. With the mutual submission we each submit to God, then to each other. We are there to help each other. Yes in the Bible it says the man is the head, but if you listen to the message, this does not mean he is the leader. It just means that as you picture the couple as one the husband is the head of that one body. If it was not for the body, the woman serving the head, or the head serving the body it would not work.

submission in marriage

What my husband and I are working on now is how to not be so selfish in our relationship. We did start out with just thinking what we personally needed from the other. To submit to each other one needs to think of the other first. How does my behavior affect my spouse? How can I change to make them happy? What can I do for them? We were always looking out for ourselves, what do I need, how does he need to change? Now I am asking God to help me change so I can make my husbands life better. My husband does not complete me God does, and in turn God helps me meet my husbands needs.

submission in marriage

What about you. How do you see submission should look like? What have you been taught? Does any of this make sense to you?

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