Some things can be fixed, even though it will take a lot of work.

Damage from blow out on the interstate
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This week we found out that some things can be fixed, even though it will take a lot of work. What I am referring to is our Toyota Rav 4, which had a tire malfunction – the tire came apart – that costs $10,313 worth of damage. The lady I talked to at the collision center told me all that had to do to bring it up to “like new” status. They estimated 72 hours of labor!

So now to the spiritual application. Some things in our hearts, or at least in mine, need a lot of work. That will be work that the Holy Spirit does in my heart through God’s word, through other believers, and through our God-inspired circumstances.

What we can learn from all this is that we need to cooperate with the Lord in His work on our souls, that we need to realize that it is Him doing all the work. We are just responding to it. The final point I think we can dig from this analogy is that we are not condemned in the process of our transformation. God’s love for us has not changed – but we are being changed by His Holy Spirit and the Word.

May God bless us all in our journey of faith.


  1. Lord God I have a lot of stuff that needs fixing in my heart, soul and mind. Some of it I know is in need of work and some is just going to come apart when I’m not expecting it. Please, send Your Holy Spirit to identify what needs work and put in me the humility and trust to allow and even welcome the repairs. I’m sure the time and cost are both great, but, thankfully, I have a God who is never going to junk me or sell me for parts. You make a way to redeem any heart that gives itself over to you. Lord, I’m a wreck, but I trust in your love and mercy. I admit that my dings and dents are from times I insisted on driving, rather than trusting you. Please, fix me.

    1. This is heart touching and very well said. I absolutely love the line that “I have a God who is never going to junk me or sell me for parts.” That is so accurate. God bless us both in our journey of faith to trust the God of the process and to let go of all the parts that need repair. I don’t even know what all the parts are or where they go. God is in charge of this transformation, and that’s a very good thing. God never gives up on us. Praise the Lord for that!

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