Reflections on worship service this morning – “Come Just as You Are”

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Reflections on worship service this morning –
“Come Just as You Are”

Come Just as You Are

                                                                         Powerful moments in worship this morning

The invitation this morning at church tied several things from the worship service together. It was a powerful service that emphasized our need for Jesus and His willingness to receive us. The song Karen and I did interpretive movement to was “People Need the Lord” and the sermon was on asking the Lord these questions – “What do you want from me? What do you want me to do, Lord?” For the rich young ruler, it was to give up his property and possessions. For some, it might be to give up our time, our talent, our energy, or our strength to serve Him.

The point of the message was that Jesus deserves our heart-felt commitment to Him since He willingly gave Himself for us at the cross. I will remind us all that He did all this for us out of love. Let’s let our response to Him be done the same way. “We love Him because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)


  1. Come just as you are. That has so many interpretations! I often think that many of us go through quite a lot to pull ourselves together for church. Yes, surely it is a gesture of respect to look our best and have a bright and shining smile for our pastor and fellow parishioners. But sometimes, I have to chuckle at what it takes to get us to that point. I’ll bet God does too, seeing our early morning blank gaze over coffee cups, the older folks nursing stiff bones and joints, busy moms with an iron in one hand and a box of Cheerios in the other…then our mad dash to get there on time. ” We’re hosting coffee hour TODAY and you JUST told me! ” ” I thought you gassed up the car last night! ” We’re going to be late!!!
    And God is amused at our madcap efforts because he knows and loves us just as we are.
    And so we head out , one donut short, ( ” Billy, we told you they were for after church! “) We are still buckling our belt of truth, our breastplate of righteousness is a bit askew, “Everyone have their sword of the Spirit? Someone help Billy with his helmet of Salvation!” Good job everyone…we made it!
    And God is smiling big.

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