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I highly recommend this book, “Help, Lord, I’m Having a Senior Moment.” It is a series of true senior moments, like many of us, have had, written in the form of letters to God. It is poignant, funny, inspiring, and keeps our senior moments in perspective. They are not the most important thing about our lives and do not define who we are. Here is a link to purchase the book.

735711: Help Lord!: I"m Having a Senior Moment Help Lord!: I’m Having a Senior Moment
By Karen O’Connor / Revell

Do you have any books that you recommend?

Pastor John


  1. Pastor John, Maine heating season. We pay a lot to stay warm! Big blizzard coming this weekend!
    As for hunting, I never did it, but I do enjoy a bit of moose or venison on occasion.😺

  2. All the books on this site sound great. This book sounds really funny! Did you see the Max Lucado Unshakable Hope book and study guide? I love his writing!
    I am a Christian Book addict. My daughter recently looked at my tablet and said ” Mom, it’s all Bibles, Devotionals and Christian Apps! ” I use a tablet, because if you have a lot of arthritis in your hands and fingers, tapping to turn a page is so much easier than holding a book open and turning pages. The E readers are quite reasonable now but I do have to wait for Maine heating season to pass before I buy one more thing for myself! 😰😍😰

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jill. I will look into that Max Lucado book later on today. I think that’s funny about having to wait for the Maine hunting season to pass before you can get any more books. I have also seen ads for “download free e-books”. I don’t know if there is a catch to that or not. Maybe the Kindle app would be a resource to find some free e-books as well. And yes, the “Senior Moments” book is hilarious, and I can definitely relate to much of what is said!

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