Recent prayer requests – we need each other and the Lord

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jesus help me please

I believe in the power of people praying in agreement. We need each other and the Lord.

Please pray for a friend’s cousin who is not a Christian and has aids. So far from the Lord but so needy. Also, pray for each other as we let go of this year and cling closer to Christ in 2019. Emotions, pain, circumstances of life, loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety – all of these things serve as traps from the enemy to steal our joy. The more we focus on Jesus, the less we focus on our circumstances and our stresses. Moments of fear and anger may come, but let them go as quickly as they come. They are not worth hanging on to. … Free advice from someone who has been there today.


Pastor John

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  1. Thank you for asking, Pastor John. Christopher had a successful removal of what did prove to be a cancerous tumor. They told him that conventional wisdom usually allows for a year survival, there have been some who have lived much longer. I am praying for a miracle healing in his body and his mind and soul. He is frightened and moody. He is a member of a family who believe in God, I pray he will let that grow and draw him closer to God…to a relationship with Him.

  2. I pray in agreement, that God will soften this cousin’s heart and make His home there. That he will have peace of body, mind and spirit which comes from knowledge of the Lord. That his care team will keep him as well as possible.

    1. Thank you for your prayers for my friend’s cousin. I was just noticing your brother in law on my list this morning, and was wondering if there is any update on him? Peace of body, mind, and spirit and a softening of the heart are always good ways to pray.

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