Questions vs. doubt

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What is the difference between asking God questions – ‘why is this happening, Lord? What’s the deal?”, and questioning / doubting Him? In what way does He want us to be real with Him in our struggles?


  1. Even Jesus, in the Agony in the Garden, asked God of there was a way the cup of suffering he was about to drink could pass from him. The real difference is his next words, ” But not my will, but Thine be done. ”
    Sure, talking to God as a friend or even as a parent, it seems we have good example that it’s ok to check in with our own feelings. He loves us and cares how we feel. He will send us His strength and peace. But we must be willing to trust in Him and not in our own understanding. When we ask for His strength to live in His will, we are not doubting him. We are asking His help in our struggles.

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