Ps. 92:14 – our key verse – “they will still yield fruit in old age”

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fruitful and productive

Ps. 92:14  – “

They will still yield fruit in old age;
They shall be full of sap and very green,”

Today was a productive day. We went to exercise class at the senior center, then to Karen’s mom’s house to feed her cat, then run a few errands. We got back home and stated “Wow, we got a lot done this morning.” With the Lord’s help, we were productive and “fruitful.” Now, full of sap? I don’t know about that. I’m afraid its more like full of Christmas candy.

Just a thought. When our bodies won’t let us be productive as much as we want, we can still be productive and bear fruit in our spirit. We can still get closer to the Lord. We can still pray and praise. We can still work to get our focus on Him and off our aches and pains. Thanks to grace, we can be strong in Him.


  1. Yup, what used to be a typical day feels like a big day. I am grateful and honored that God still finds many opportunities to use me although I am practically a shut in…( don’t drive, fixed income, health issues etc)I live in a 55+ elderly and disabled community and He literally brings people into my path, sometimes right to my door! That’s what keeps the sap green and flowing….everywhere I look, I see opportunities to minister. It amazes me that He would find me worthy to collaborate with Him. We do serve an awesome and gracious God!

    1. Yes we do, Jill. God is at work in us and through us in ways we will never see, this side of Heaven. I am glad God is keeping you active and “sappy”. (That has different connotations outside of this reply!) From my perspective your body may be disabled, but your mind and your spirit are very much alive. You are a willing and well trained individual placed right in the mission field of ministry. Community and ministry are great. God is still on His throne and always active. Praise the Lord.

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