Praying for site members and welcome to our latest member

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I am praying for site members tonight and want to say welcome to our latest member. Welcome, ZealDrivenLife (her username) to our community. Here are the needs that I know of in our community:

  • A mother with a sick family
  • A member who is waiting to hear on test results
  • A site member who is being led into new adventures and needs wisdom
  • Several members with heartbreak and stress within their family, friends, or community.
  • All of us that we will grow in Christ, both in trust and obedience and service.
  • Sick and/or lost family members.

God be with us all. Jesus, thank you for your help, peace, grace, and hearing and answering our prayers.A=


  1. Lord,God, You know each of us intimately and love us dearly. I ask that you act on behalf of those mentioned above. May Your will be done in each situation. Please, bring Your peace and consolation to them as they wait on you.
    In The Holy and Blameless Name of Jesus, I pray
    † ****†††*****🙏*****†††****†
    ************Welcome, Zeal Driven Life!*************

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