Prayers needed this morning once again. Thank you for your prayers.

Karen and I in front of a fireplace
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Prayers needed this morning once again. Thank you for your prayers.
UPDATE: The Bible study this morning went GREAT! Yon was listening, did not interrupt, and heard some very clear presentation of who Jesus was and is. 

Once again, Karen and I appreciate your prayers as she teaches the Bible study at the senior center this morning. I am there as a pastor and to keep things on track, to keep things focused. Particularly, please pray for Yon to be convicted of his need for Jesus and for others to be able to concentrate and focus on the scripture. We are studying John 12:1-19. It should be a great study.

Also, please pray that the Lord would keep showing His plan and will with our car. It is still at the body shop, waiting on a part. We have a regional manager advocating for us, which reminds me of a very important point – when we sin, we have an advocate with God, Christ Jesus the Righteous.

Thank you, Jesus, for being our advocate and our friend, and thank you Dear Reader, for your prayers!

One more request please – my friend Jim is having a biopsy on his thyroid.

God be with you today.
Pastor John



  1. I am so pleased that the study went well. Leading a study from John can be challenging.
    I will surely add Jim’s biopsy to my prayers.May our Good and Gracious Lord watch over him and see him safely through this with good results.
    I cannot believe that you are still waiting on the car! I’m so sorry. It seems like an awfully long time, but we are blessed to know that the Lord has His reasons and they are always for our good. BUT 😰 So often, I find myself jumping out of my skin waiting for his will to be done! Do you think He is working on us for patience? Lol 😱

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