Prayer requests for this morning

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am requesting prayers for several of us this morning. Karen is leading the Bible study at the senior center this morning. She didn’t sleep well, so she needs prayers for strength and for God to speak and minister through her. I have been up since 3:00 this morning and I need Jesus to work through me too. Two other site members are in crisis right now – one due to having to illness, taking care of a special needs child, and not having any support for her body, mind, spirit, or practical needs. If you know who she is, or even if you don’t, please pray for S.G. her unsaved husband, and their daughter, Emma. Also, continue to pray for Jimmy Nah who needs much wisdom and provision. The phrase “who has believed our report” comes to mind for these last two. (Isaiah 53:1)


  1. I am close to the one situation and praying constantly, I also pray for Jimmy’s needs, and am now praying for Karen and you, your rest, health and ministry. May God refresh you both physically, mentally and spiritually. May your words be pleasing to Him and open ears and hearts for His glory.

    1. A very big amen to that! The Bible study went extremely well since the Holy Spirit fully led the conversation. Karen, with the Lord’s help, managed to keep the lively conversation coraled. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. They ministered to both Karen and me.

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