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Please pray for Miss Hettie, a 96-year-old lady we work out with. She hasn’t come to work out for a few days. I know she said that she would not drive if she didn’t feel good enough to do so.

                           Miss Hettie, 96 years old

Also, pray for Angela and Keisha, the director and assistant director of the senior center. They have a lot on their plate and need our prayer support. They are both precious ladies, as is Miss Hettie.

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Praying now for dear Miss Hettie and Angela and Keisha. I remember the post you wrote on how inspiring Miss Hettie is.
    Please, keep us posted as to her wellbeing. I wish we had a senior center like you have there. We have something, but it’s cliquey, and the few times I’ve visited, the main characters were all into New Age things. ( I brought my youngest son …had him when I was 40😃…to help set up tables, and a lady was showing him this thing,I think it was like a singing bowl that called angels???) We didn’t think that would be my cup of tea, but maybe, since it has been a few years, I should check it out again.

    1. I will keep everybody posted if I hear anything new. I would be oh so cautious about the new-age influenced senior center. Maybe it has changed by now, and maybe come in with a cross on and they will behave themselves. 🙂 By the way, to you and to everyone who may read this, have a happy and safe fourth of July.

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