Please pray for protection and peace in this holy week

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Karen and I need prayers for protection and peace, as do all that come to the Tuesday morning Bible study at the senior center. I had mentioned before about a person who has been disrupting our class with comments, opinions, and stories that are not relevant to the study of the book of John. This morning he stormed out of the room angry at me for shutting him down. I hit my hand on the table three times and said in a very firm voice, “STOP”. He didn’t like it that I disrupted his arguing.

Another class member walked out with him to talk with him and he was up in her face, according to the center director, Angela. She said afterward that there would be police here next week. I agree with her decision.

This has been coming to a head for about six weeks and needed to come out, but it was very scary. After he left, we finished the Bible study strong and unified. I finished with the song “He’s Alive” by Don Francisco. That was a great way to finish.

Please pray for peace for our hearts, especially Karen’s. She did a great job leading it.


  1. You will both be in my prayers along with the others who participate. I cannot help but think that Karen must be leading a powerful and fruitful study gaining many souls for The Lord! The spirit of confusion and disruption feels threatened! Ephesians 6:12 ” For our struggle is not against flesh and blood… ”
    I’m glad you finished well and have a safety plan for next week. I will also be praying for this man who is clearly spiritually unwell.
    God’s blessings be upon you both and your ministry.

    1. Thank you doesn’t begin to say it, but that’s all I’ve got for now, so … thank you for your prayers and support. Yes, she is doing a great job and building up souls in ways that would not be possible any other way than the way the Lord has laid on her heart to lead it. One verse a time, everyone contributing, everyone growing. It is phenomenal. Thank you for your prayers.

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