Overcoming the obstacles of childhood – Here by the grace and plan of God

overcoming the obstacles
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When talking about overcoming the obstacles of childhood – Here by the grace and plan of God, I am talking about physical and mental challenges. Today I will deal mainly with the physical challenges of childhood.

From what I understand, I really shouldn’t have made it to this point. As a child, I had a lot of lung problems. At one point, I had bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time. That nearly took me out. I definitely don’t have those problems now, but that was a problem in my young childhood. I was told that I nearly died when I was four years old. (I really don’t remember this, although I do remember eating a small piece of chalk at age four, thinking it was a miniature marshmallow. Not very bright!)

Of course being behind physically can affect the ability to function in school. I missed most of the first grade and actually flunked it, but they moved me on anyway. Where I am today could not have been imagined then, but then that is the grace of God, isn’t it? More on mental struggles, then and now, in the next post. Until then, may God prosper you in body, mind, and soul.

Pastor John



  1. Well, we are certainly blessed that our good and gracious God kept you … Isn’t it fun to think that at four, the sickly, chalk guzzling little guy was already in the book of life! That He knew just how he would use you and had your hairs numbered and your life mapped out. He looked down and said, ” This little guy is precious. I’m going to have him on My team. First I have to teach him a few things, like the difference between chalk and marshmallows😜. “

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