Out with the old

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As we look at finishing up the year it may seem amazing that its already here. Where did the year go? Seriously? For some it has been a crazy ride, maybe a hard ride. If you’re like me, it certainly been filled with surprises. I want to tell you about one we had here today that kind of threw us for a loop  and left us seeking God’s wisdom, which He gave us.

Our refrigerator died today. Since it came with the house, we really don’t know how old it is.  The ice maker didn’t work, but everything else was great. Occasionally though it would make weird noises, like it was trying to do something but couldn’t.  Then last night, it started making a hum-click, hum-click sound which I knew wasn’t right. Gradually I realized that it was probably not repairable and not worth trying. We picked out a new one and ordered it today. We will be using two  ice chests in its place.

As I sit here on the couch looking at the now defunct refrigerator, I’m thinking “Why is that thing still here? It needs to be out of here.” And so it is with our past, whether this year or this lifetime. There will always be a time when the old has to go, that is, we need to let it go. God is always moving us forward, and we need to keep going in the flow of His Spirit and His leading. We need to press on, to keep moving forward.

May God give us the grace to be thankful for the ways God has blessed us and been with us in the past, and the way He is leading us into the future. I don’t know what 2019 holds, but I know it will be good, and that God will be with me and lead me through. I pray that God will bless  and anoint your year as well.

One day at a  time, good people. 

White side by side refrigerator

The old has to go

Pastor John


  1. Yes, knowing when to let go of the old requires trust. Some people have a really hard time with thst. God knows and cares, even about the everyday pieces of our lives. Whether it is a fridge or anger or guilt and shame, sometimes we have to take that step and let it go.

    1. Yep. Self pity is one I have to remember to let go of. Sometimes I have to do self talk and say “Alright now, quit being an old dumpy-grumpy. Praise the Lord,John Day.Come on now, you can do it.” Thank you, God,for humor – and so many other things. God is good.:)

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