Opposition and how to face it

the day of the Lord
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What we find in this chapter is Isaac finding and getting settled in the land he will raise his family. The part of the story I would like to spend some time talking about today is the opposition Isaac found as he dug wells so he could establish his family.

Isaac found himself in an area where his father Abraham dug some wells. The thing is the people living there had stopped them up. Isaac went about opening them up again. Then as Isaac moved on and tried to dig new wells there were a couple times the surrounding people argued that the water was theirs. So Isaac named both those wells with names to remind others there was resistance to his claiming them. But it seems when he came to the third one his people dug there was no contention. He then felt free to settle there.

What is our reaction when we are confronted

When I am confronted with opposition from any source my reaction in the past has been quiet severe. I would feel like others are judging me and so I would put my guard up and protect my already damaged self image. Often times this would come out as anger and lead me to make some rash decisions. Those decisions hurt me and the kids.

What stood out to me about Isaac and the wells was how he just kept moving. He dug one well the people argued with him so he moved on to a different area. He did not dig in his heels and fight for that one well. Even with all the hard work he and his people did. Think of it, they did not have all the big heavy equipment to dig deep in the ground. Did they even have the shovels as we know them today?

Look at our lives, how much modern technology in America has made our lives so much easier. I realize we still have our challenges and struggles to establish ourselves and families. How do we react when someone becomes our opponent after we worked hard? We dig in our heals, this is mine! I did all this work! You are not going to take it from me!

God wants us to do what? in reaction to resistance?

From what I see in Isaac’s story with the wells God wants us to move on. When Isaac did not stay and fight for the first two wells God blessed him with the third well. We know God was faithful with His promise to Abraham through Isaac. Isaac’s family became successful.

Think about it, is the opposition you are facing today the battle God wants you in? Maybe God put that in your path to say not here child I have something better for you? Is it time to sit back, think, pray, spend some quiet time with the Lord. Let Him show you what is worth fighting for, where your energies are best spent. Maybe it is time for you to dig another well in a new area. God’s blessings for you just could be in an area you never even dreamed of.

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