Not the way we had planned, but it all worked out anyway.

The words "workout Wednesday"
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No, good people, it was not the way we had it planned, but it worked out anyway at work out class and music group at the senior center. I just realized a funny – it “worked out” at work-out this morning … but I digress.

Exercise class (work-out) starts at 9:00 and lasts for 45 minutes. We needed to leave early so Karen could take her mother, Jackie, to go get some groceries. The plan was to go out to the car with her at 9:30. I would get my bag for music group, and she would go on to pick up her mother, which we did. I came back in and got set up for the music group, which started at 10:00. The long and short of it is this – nobody showed up to music group! 

I texted Karen, and she immediately called, saying “we’re coming to pick you up.” About 1o minutes later, here they came. As a result of the change in plans, all three of us had a relaxing day, got a lot done, had a good visit, and managed to stay out of the rain most of the time. We prayed for a productive and positive day that was not rushed, and that’s what we were granted.

Now some people might say we got “lucky”, or “the fates were with us.” But I prefer to look at the big picture found in Rom. 8:28, which says “All things work together for good for those that love God, that are called according to His purposes.” 

Here is the whole chapter in context:

Pastor John


  1. On my! I love Romans 8! I think it may have more frequently quoted verses than any chapter in any letter. But Romans 8:28 has been a favorite of mine for a long time.I think it explains answered prayer from the perspective of God. No, He’s not a vending machine where we insert prayers and they come out answered according to our order, but He makes use of all things and puts them together for our good…( Implied is that He knows what is for our good and that the things he works together may not always be things we immediately view as blessings. But if we think in the big picture we can see that they were.)
    Like your day…nothing went as planned, but He made good of it. When I was in college I dropped an apple pie I had freshly baked for my parents visit. I tearfully begged them to stay an extra hour while I baked a new one. They missed a tornado by about 40 minutes. Thank you God 🍎🍏🍎

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