New York Times column on aging – FYI

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In my search for “blogs for seniors”, I came across the column below. It is a place to learn about and discuss senior issues. You are encouraged by it’s author,  Paula Span, to comment. She moderates all comments. I know you will be kind. Just wanted to keep you informed about that. The link below is for the Dec. 21 column. If you find other resources, please pass them along.

Pastor John


  1. What a great article. This is so important! I remember my mom, now long with the Lord, saved my father’s life by realizing that he had been given a duplicate of a medicine he was already taking. He would have had a fatal dose! And another time, she had a friend who had been given a medication to help with ” the change” and became disastrously ill in her eighties because they had never discontinued it…almost 30 years later. Doctors are human. Things slip through the cracks and we, especially those of us who are seniors, need to do our best to take charge of our medical fate. A portion of the older generation are so loyal to their doctors they question nothing afraid it would imply a lack of faith.
    I believe in going to my doctors with a list, so questions and concerns are addressed and the time allotted for the visit is used efficiently. I also find my pharmacists to be wonderful resource people.
    Also, I think it’s important for patients to understand that is perfectly ok to ask questions. No responsible doctor or other practitioner should be insulted by polite, concise, thoughtful queries. It isn’t saying you don’t trust them. It’s simply being a partner in your own medical care.
    As the article pointed out, this is even more critical where language barriers or sophisticated lingo are becoming increasingly common. So if we aren’t sure, maybe it’s time to reach out for answers.

    1. Very well said, Jill. I have to take a list too – so I won’t forget what I needed to ask! Karen helps me think through all that. She’s got good perspective, which I need, and she organizes me in many ways!

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