Misread the date, but the package is still coming – Jesus Christ is coming again!

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I misread the date on the e-mail, saying that the package I had ordered would be here yesterday, which was Friday. I kept checking to see if it was outside the door. Nope, not yet. We even thought we heard someone at the door at 10:30 last night. (A bit unnerving!) Still not there. I double checked the e- mail and saw my mistake. The package was not due until next Friday!
The package is still coming! Jesus Christ is coming again.

Cross outdoors as dusk

The cross of Jesus Christ

Many times we may think we have a handle on when a much more precious package is coming, that being Jesus Christ when He comes again! No, He didn’t come in 2018, but He is still coming. True, we had earthquakes and other natural disasters, not to mention wars and rumors of wars (Mat. 24) and all that is going in the Middle East. Still no Jesus – not yet – but He’s still coming!

Earlier I wrote about “Don’t Miss the Gift” in the Unresolved Life website. https://unresolved.life/blog/dont-miss-the-gift/. That was about Jesus first coming, and some missed it. Dear reader, I want to assure you, based on God’s word, that Jesus Christ is coming back! So how can you be ready? Give your heart over fully to Jesus now. Ask Him to come in and take over, to  forgive you of your sins, and to be your Lord and Savior. That is priority. If you have done that, then you and I need to be looking for opportunities to serve Him. 

The package, Jesus, will come at the appointed time, and it will be well worth the wait!

Pastor John


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