In a waiting period, but God is active in the meantime.

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In a waiting period, but God is active in the meantime.

Yep. That’s where we are right now in our circumstances while we are waiting for our car to be finished being repaired after the tire malfunction. We are waiting, and waiting, and … you get the idea. And as many of you can testify, waiting is hard. I know it is for me, and I bet it is for you.

But there’s the other side of the equation, and that is the part that reminds us that God is active in the meantime. He is at work. Specifically, God is teaching us that He is still with us, that He is in charge, and that His timing is best. Isn’t that what He is teaching all of His children? “Trust me. I’ve got this. I know it’s hard, but you and I together will get through this and come out better and stronger in the end. With me in you, around you, in front of you, and ahead of you, you are going to make it, and it will be okay in the end.” That’s what He is telling my heart right now. What is He telling yours?


  1. I am in a waiting period too. I need to remember to lean on God like a child leans on a parent. My issues involve health and more testing. Wondering ,anxiety or worrying are normal, and God knows that, but they don’t change things. Only trust and prayer can do that. I’m good about studying the word, praying for others, but I am no good at letting go and trusting my Heavenly Father. I am working on learning to be still.

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