I think its time to just sit down and write you all a letter

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I think its time to just sit down and write you all a letter, telling you what is going on in my heart and mind.

write you all

Hello from Pastor John

Dear site members and others that may view this letter,
Welcome to another installment of “as the mind turns”, and I would have to add “and the fingers type.”

I almost let this slip by without an announcement, but this website is now one year old! That is hard to believe, at least for me. By the way, the second year of the website is being sponsored by the church Karen and are members of. Thank you, McClaurin Heights Baptist Church for your donation, and to all of you for your prayers for me and for the site.

Secondly, thank you for joining me on this journey as I attempt to minister to you through posts, comments, audio, and video. For instance, this series of 100 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus has been an eye-opener, to see how Christ is woven into the scriptures all along.

Know that I am praying for you, and for all who may read these posts. May God bless you in your journey of faith as you continue to surrender to Jesus’ authority, grace, and unconditional love.

Until next time, with love.

Pastor John


  1. I am grateful to be celebrating a year of this website with you and Karen. I am thankful for it and for both of you and each member…especially Katiedash who writes so thoughtfully from her testimony. God bless you all.

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