I Am Acceptable – How I found grace and confidence in Christ

His righteousness
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Ps. 96:1 says “Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord, all the earth.”

The song “I Am Acceptable” was written to both encourage people who do not believe in their God-given abilities and talents, and to introduce people to the gospelI Am Acceptable is my life story and the difference that Jesus Christ has made in my life, of how I found grace and confidence in Christ.
Churches are free to use this song, which is copyrighted, for non-commercial use. I hope you find these words encouraging. (Here is the YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BXouaII7TU

I Am Acceptable

Vs. 1: The kids at school made fun of me when I was just a lad. They laughed at me and called me names and acted really bad. They said that I was not too cool, that I did not fit in. But then I met King Jesus, and found my worth in Him.”

Chorus: I am acceptable in Christ. I am acceptable in Him. Thou I may not always live it, still the Bible tells me so. I am acceptable in Him.

Vs. 2: As I grew up I found out soon my confidence was gone. I could not find the courage or strength to carry on. While others were successful, it seemed that I had none. Until I met the Savior, and He made me His own.

Chorus: So I am confident in Christ. Yes I am confident in Him. Though I may not always feel it, still I know His hand is sure. So I am confident in Him.

Vs. 3: When I accepted Jesus, my sins were paid in full. Even though I mess up still, His blood still bought my soul. I cannot change my status now. I stand complete in Him. I know I’m bound for Heaven, and am forgiven of my sin.

Chorus: I am forgiven in Christ. Yes, I’m forgiven in Him. Though my heart may say I’m guilty, still Christ’s blood has bought my soul. I am forgiven in Him.

Vs. 4: You’d think that when God sees me, He see a sinner true. He knows that I’m not perfect. Well, hey neither are you. His grace is so amazing. I cannot understand, how God could look through Jesus and see a clean pure man.

Chorus: Still I look clean to God in Christ. Yes I look clean to God in Him. For God looks straight through the blood of Him who died to save my soul, so I look clean to God in Him.






  1. I love it! What Christian could hear that and not rejoice? And who could hear those words sung with such joy and conviction and not want to have Jesus in their heart? Great song! Well done, Pastor John.
    Also, every line could be a Bible study… as I watched you sing, scripture references were coming to me right and left with each chorus…all the letters teaching what Christ did for us and who we are in Him! I think a few saints might have been tapping their feet.

    1. Thank you for your very generous and uplifting comments. The song came out of a deep place, as does much of my writing. I think that is what gets through to people when we share from our heart. I want to continue to do that and increase its impact. I need to go back and fix a grammar error. I bet it going to tell me that I need to take out the comma after “that”. Yep. That was it. I also had a comma after “people” which it didn’t like. The commas may not be good for grammar, but the pauses in life to reflect and commit are definitely needed. I just had to dig a point out of all that! Anyway, have a blessed day. Off to place something on the prayer wall.

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