How To Submit To God, What Does This Look Like in Real Life?

how to submit to God
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How To Submit To God

I am studying about submission in the Bible right now. I came across the verse:

Psalm 143:10 Teach me to do Your will [so that I may please you], for you are my God; let your good spirit, lead me on level ground. (Amplified Bible)

I believe to submit to the Lord one needs to be willing to be taught by Him. Some of His lessons are hard for us to accept though. But in the end He does have a plan. Take as in my story. I tried for most of my life to do things in my own way. Even today I am still seeking how to fix this on my own. What do I mean?

How to submit to God

Well, what I mean is that now that some resources are coming in to make it possible for my husband and I to live together. I want to find the place on my own, I keep looking at homes for sale, and pushing my husband. When he and God keep knocking me down to realize only God can do this. You see with my husbands criminal record no one wants to rent to him. It has to be a place we buy. But, we can only spend well below what quality houses cost around here.

This would normally, well does get my anxiety going.

But, when I feel anxious now I turn to God. A video I watched by Joyce Meyer today reminded me to pray and listen to where God wants me to study. What I got was submission. Nothing is going to work right until I submit.

How to submit to God

So, just how am I doing that? I searched for scriptures that speak abut submitting to the Lord. I then read the chapter that verse is in. Praying the whole time for the Lord to speak to me, to teach me. Then, I need to remember and apply to my life what He spoke to me.

I am not perfect at submitting yet. Not by far. But, I am getting there. While looking on Zillow at the homes for sale with my husband. He reminded me that I need to slow down. He told me that there are other options possible through his parents. That would benefit us and his parent. It would put us in an area that I know God would use us and how He would use us.

I will keep my eyes and heart open to where He is leading us. But, I will listen, and submit to Jesus and my husband. I will stop searching, questioning. Jesus is teaching me to be patient and obey. To give Him everything and leave it there. Thank you Lord!

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