Here are a few tracks from the C.D. – “Songs and Prayers for Seniors”

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Here are a few tracks from the C.D. – “Songs and Prayers for Seniors – Still Producing Fruit in Old Age”. There are 11 tracks on this project, including six original songs, one Appalachian hymn and a “musical blessing”. See the complete list below. (To order the full C.D, please contact me by e-mail or Messenger with your address. If you are sending a check, let me know and I will send you my address. You can pay by PayPal donation (on the home page) or by check.  The C.D. is $15.00, which includes shipping and any applicable tax.

Healing Prayer:

Wrinkly Old Woman, Wobbly Old Man:

Prayer of Blessing:

Complete play list:

Track 1 – Opening prayer (no music)

Track 2 – Wondrous Love

Track 3 – Talking to my Soul

Track 4 – Wrinkly Old Woman, Wobbly Old Man

Track 5– Sufficient

Track 6– Too Tired to Think

Track 7– Healing Prayer

Track 8– Senior Hymn

Track 9 – I Am Acceptable

Track 10 – A Musical Blessing

Track 11 – About this C.D. And website. – No music, just talking about each song and about the website.

Track 12 – Closing prayer (Sing unto the Lord a new song)


  1. What a talent. 🎶🎵🎶Great songs for this day! And thank you for the blessing!🙏 I’m working on healing my body and my dear mom would have been 91 today. Even though I know she is with Jesus, I miss her sometimes.🍀

    1. Thank you for the kudos on the songs. Working towards health is a good way to take care of our bodies too, focusing on what the body needs to work like it’s supposed to work. On a physical or spiritual level, we need to strengthen and build up, not keep our eyes on weak areas. “Build each other up in love.” 1 Thes. 5:11 – “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (My parents would have been 100 and 101 this year.)

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