Heaven Bible Study – Day 8

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Today is part eight of a series of our Bible study on Heaven. Today’s topic is denominations.

  • Q: “Could ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions?’ mean ‘In my Father’s house are many denominations? I have never heard this interpretation until today when a friend said this is what she believes it means.”
  • A: “I am sorry to disagree with your friend. You may depend upon it that when we reach the Father’s we shall have no more of denominations. Of course in our Father’s house here and now there are many denominations, but that is not the meaning of the passage cited, namely John 14:2

Editor’s note: I think this person’s friend is interpreting scripture pretty loose, based more on a opinion, or what she would like to be true. I think she needs to look at the verse in context with the rest of scripture, not just “this is what I believe, so it must be true.” As Christians, we need to be careful not the fall into that trap of using scripture to “prove” what we believe. Okay, Pastor’s rant over.

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  1. The Gospel of John, perhaps even more than the Synoptic Gospels, stresses that it is essential to know Jesus Christ to have eternal life. (, John 14:6, John 3:16,John 6:35, John 4:14. ) John does not waffle about Who Jesus Is. I’m sorry, but Sacred Scripture doesn’t support that friend’s belief about other denominations. I know it gets murky where He mentions having sheep not of this fold, too. ( John 10:16) But, they will be unified under one shepherd, Jesus. They will become one fold. Maybe He is talking about the souls He will gain and converts. He is always actively seeking us…it is we who need to reach out to him.
    I don’t even have a guess about what the meaning of “Many Mansions” except that Jesus promises it is true and that He will go there and prepare a place for us. That’s all I really need to know. I will follow the Good Shepherd! ( John 10:11)

    1. One thing I have heard is that “mansions” can also be translated “rooms”. The rooms would be built off (above?) the Father’s house. If that is the case, we will all be in one place together, in God’s house, with Jesus. Either way, we will enjoy Jesus’ presence and each other’s fellowship. We will all be unified under the authority and power of Jesus. Now that sounds pretty cool to me.

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