Heaven Bible Study – Day 7

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Gender in Heaven

Q: “(Are there) gender distinctions in Heaven? There is a reference mark pertaining to Heb. 1:4 referring to angels. They say it is always used in the masculine gender. Does this mean that all angels are men? (What about women who have passed on to the Great Beyond?).”

A: “Neither men nor women become angels when they go to Heaven. Angels are a distinct and separate order of beings … human beings are never transformed into angels. Male and female in the human sense is never ascribed unto angels.” The author, Pettigrew, goes on to say that, according to Mat. 22:30, there is “they shall neither marry, nor be given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in Heaven.” (I notice that is says that we will be like angels, not become angels.”

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  1. That’s a tough one. The Angels mentioned by name in the Bible, Gabriel and Michael, would seem to be male, not only by their names but by their recorded interactions with people in the Bible. The fallen angels, also are portrayed as male. Cherabum and Seraphim are also mentioned with less clarity about their gender although their purpose seems to be centered around worshipping God.
    I don’t believe that people become angels, but I do believe that all who have lived a life pleasing to God, and have believed and been sanctified by the blood of Christ, will stand in His presence one day! As there will be no marriage or familial relationships, I think gender, as we know it on Earth, will be either unimportant or non-existent. But here, I have to add that the Bible tells us God made man and woman.( So that has to be considered ) I think we will ascend as beings belonging to God who made us and perfected us in Christ. Love will reign, but it will be a pure,universal love, ( far broader and all encompassing than worldly things like sex, jealousy or exclusive relationships)

    1. Good balanced perspective. Karen and I talked the other day about knowing each other in Heaven, and the other questions that I am posting about. This Bible study is making us all dig a little bit. One thing about Heaven – none of us would go there but for the grace of God and the blood of Jesus.

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