Heaven Bible Study – Day 6

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Q: “Is there any scripture warrant for the belief, expressed by so many, that we will meet our friends and loved ones in Heaven? There evidently will be no husbands and wives, and therefore no mothers or fathers.”

A: “We can be sure that we will not know less in Heaven than we do here. 1 Cor. 13:12 declares that we shall then see not ‘darkly’, but ‘face to face’. now we know ‘in part’. but then we shall know, even as we are known. We may confidently expect to know every person in Heaven, and they will all be our ‘friends and loved ones’. “


  1. I also think 1 Thessalonians gives us hope as it lays out starting in 4:13 how we can be expected to be gathered together eternally with those who have already fallen asleep and we’ll all be forever with the Lord! I’m sure our new “bodies” and relationships like family and marriage will be different but I’m not sure how. But I believe there will be a spirit of love that will unite us all as a spirit family. Maybe The Holy Spirit will be part of who we become in our eternal home with Christ.

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