Heaven Bible Study – Day 5

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This is a continuation of the series of questions and answers on the subject of Heaven, taken from the book “1001 Bible Questions Answered”  by William L. Pettingill and R.A. Torrey. 

Q: “Shall we see the three persons of the Godhead in Heaven?”

A: “I do not know, for it is not revealed in scripture. Some students say we shall only see the Son, in whom ‘dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily’ (Col. 2:9), but in various places in scripture the Father is seen, and also the Son (Dan. 7:13-14, Rev. 5:6-7 for instance); and I know of nothing in scripture that would preclude the possibility of God manifesting Himself visibly in His three persons. Anyway, we may depend upon it that if any when we get to Heaven, everything will be perfectly satisfactory. (Ps. 65:4)”

Now its your turn. Have you ever thought about this question? I know I haven’t. I have just assumed that all we would see is Jesus, because He is physical and therefore visible. On the other hand, we will be in our glorified bodies, like Jesus’ body. (1 John 3:2). Either way, I’m glad that the blood of Jesus and the grace of God has provided a way for us to be there at all, let alone for eternity. Okay, I’m preaching now, so back to the question – what do you think? (Comment below.)


  1. Well Jesus does say in Matthew 10:33, ” If you deny me before men, I shall deny you before My Father in Heaven. ” I take that as kind of a backhand affirmation.
    If I acknowledge Jesus as Lord of my life, he will personally take me before His Father! A personal introduction, with Jesus as host/advocate!
    The trinity is nearly impossible for the human mind to grasp so I don’t know how exactly we will see the Three Persons of God in Heaven, but that’s because of my Human limitations. With God, all things are possible!

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