Heaven Bible Study – Day 3

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In the past two days, we have covered the questions of whether Heaven was a place, and whether those that go there will be happy, regardless of conditions here below. Today we cover a question that has come across many of our minds, and that is … 

  • Question: “What is it like in Heaven?”
  • Answer: “I hope I have understood aright that the departed spirit has a body up yonder which is received as soon as the body of clay is left.”Editor’s note:Both the question and the answer above were condensed for sake of brevity. More specifics were asked by the writer about what Heaven is like for loved ones who have died, and for those who leave loved ones behind, specifically a child, and a mother, respectively. The question writer wondered if these people would be happy, or were they partly happy, but still concerned about loved ones below? Were they even aware of earthly things, being totally surrounded by love, beauty, glory, and the presence of God?Pettingill when on to say that it is probably a good thing that we don’t know the glories of  Heaven while here on earth for two reasons. First of all, we would not be the least bit content to be here on earth, and we would miss the joys God has for us here. Secondly, Paul had a brief glimpse into Heaven, and God had to give him a thorn in the flesh to keep him from being puffed up about it. (See 2 Cor. 12:1-10 for the full context.) 

Your turn! What are your reflections on what Heaven is like? What scripture verses speak to you most clearly about what Heaven is like?


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  1. Reading Sacred Scripture gives me the assurance that I will be with The Lord. That I will be at peace..He will wipe every tear away. I believe I will see God and be in the presence of The Holy Spirit, so I will know and fully understand The Holy Trinity. I believe that I will see the Holy Angels who are mentioned in The Bible and stand in the presence of God. I believe that I will be reunited with those who have passed over before me. I believe that it will be a place of deep peace.
    Someone once shared an analogy of life on earth being like the back side of a tapestry. Anyone who has done, or seen needlework knows that the back is full of knots and only suggests the other side. In Heaven, we will see the front of the tapestry…all the knots and tangles of our earthly lives will form a pattern that God has perfected by the blood of Christ. Our regrets will be woven in seamlessly with God’s purpose for us!
    Now, I’m not sure of the physical attributes of Heaven. Thrones are mentioned often in The Word, but clouds, harps, streets of gold…I’m not sure.
    I remember reading years ago that Billy Graham and his wife were discussing Heaven and she told him she was sure there would be golf as he dearly enjoyed it during his earthly life😍. Maybe he will teach me💙

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