Heaven Bible Study – Day 2

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God’s holy Word

This, and all the other questions in this Bible study, were submitted to the co-authors of the book. (Pettinghill was the one who answered this question. From the book “1001 Bible Questions Answered” – Pettinghill and Torrey.) This was a tough one for him!

Q: “How can I answer a question like this? If my mother was saved and I was not, could she be happy in Heaven without me?”

A: “Those who go to Heaven will certainly be happy there. Just how it could be worked out in the case you mention is not revealed, but it is perfectly clear that Heaven is a place of joy and gladness for all who get there. And how good it is to remember that all may go there who desire to do so, if only they go by the blood-sprinkled way.” (emphasis mine)

Your turn! What do you think? Could people be happy in Heaven? How could they not be, regardless of whether their loved ones are saved or not? Hopefully, the mother witnessed to the writer of this question, so that he or she could have a chance to respond to the gospel – the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to submit to His invitation to receive the gift of eternal life in Him.


  1. First, I believe that the same grace that gives even people in this life with enormous burdens peace and even joy is magnified to a peace and grace beyond what we can even imagine in Heaven.
    Second I believe, and so many parables in The Bible suggest this to me, that a person can make a decision for Christ up to the last second of their life. I have a feeling I’ll be surprised at who I see in Heaven.:-)

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