Grandpa Loves Me Too

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In honor of grandparents and the grandkids they influence.

NEW SONG – Grandpa Showed Me Love

Verse 1 – Grandpa, Grandpa, you’re so good to me. You take me to the ballgame, buy me candy and ice cream. Things are always fun with you. You make me laugh and play. I wish I could be with you, each and every day.

Vs. 2 – I was raised by Grandpa. He took care of me. He cooked for me and kept me fed. I never went hungry. He’d even read me stories, and tucked me in to bed. And when I asked him why he loved me, this is what he said:


I love you ’cause God loves me. Sent His son to die for me. Said He’d always be my friend. He’ll stay with me to the end. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.”

Vs. 3 – Grandpa, Grandpa, does He love me too? Will He be that good to me, like He is to you? Will He take me as I am, and take me as His friend? Will He take me home to Heaven, where I can stay with Him?


Yes, He’ll be that good to you. He is faithful. He is true. If you ask Him, He’ll come in. He’ll forever be your friend. Yes, Jesus loves you. Yes, Jesus loves you. Yes, Jesus loves you. He will love you to the end.”


Jesus, you love me. Now I know. You’ll be with me as I go. Grandpa told me, and its true. You love me and I love you.

(Spoken) – “Thank you Jesus. Talk to you soon. I love you.”


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