God’s creation is amazing! We saw this today at Oceans Adventures

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God’s creation is amazing! We saw this today at Oceans Adventures in Biloxi, MS.

Today is day two of a three-day celebration for our 25th anniversary, which is actually tomorrow (Tuesday). Today we traveled about an hour and a half to Oceans Adventures, an aquatics center in southern Mississippi.Β 

There was a dolphin show, a sea lion show, a “ray pool” where you could touch stingrays. They are so slimy! We also saw baby stingrays, snakes, and went in and fed parakeets. It was all so amazing. You should have seen the kids reactions when one of the stingrays jumped in front of them. For those who were close to the pool (present company excluded), it was quite a splash! Sorry, that joke is all wet.

Tomorrow is the big day, our 25th anniversary. We will be going to the Hattiesburg Zoo, then to a couple of special eating places that were recommended. I’m sure it will be an amazing day.

Lord, help me, help all of us to realize what we have and to be thankful and to pray for those who are struggling. God be with us all and lead us in Your paths. (and thank you, Lord, for your protection as we travel.)


  1. To joyful memories and new ones being made may God bless your travels so keep you safe.
    I wouldn’t have liked the rays…I got stung by one on my honeymoon almost 24 years ago and I still remember it.But it showed me, yet again, how marvelously God ordered His creation. I got out of the water and showed the lifeguard this angry , red welt on my leg. He immediately knew what it was and walked to the edge of the beach where he picked a huge stalk of aloe vera (like a foot long), split it open and told me to rub the gel on my sting. Within moments it looked and felt better!
    Enjoy tomorrow…your day sounds wonderful! Happy Anniversary!πŸŽ‰πŸŒ‹πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡

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