Do You Know Where To Find Strength In The Middle of Your Mess?

where to find strength
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Joshua – Be Strong and Courageous Todd Phillips

Where To Find Strength

When in Chaos

This world is so messed up. Many Christians say we are living in end times. But, you look through history that has been said many times by many important leaders in the Christian world. My only concern is to live for Jesus today and to be prepared for when He does come again. For me at least, studying the signs of the end times does not teach me how to live for Him today, to be used by Him to reach others. What I want to know about is how to find His power to be set apart from the world for Him.

Seeing as the last series I wrote from was all about suffering. Where we learned God is in control of the good and the bad I thought it would be good to move on to a series on strength. How do we find power that can only come from the Lord?

We start out with an act of submission. What do you imagine when you see someone on their knees? I can picture a man on their knees with others pointing guns at them. They are being forced into submission, give up their power to these men that have the power to kill them.

Where to find strength

Now, God does have the power to take our lives. But God is not about scaring us into submission like that. He wants us to submit of our own free will. To chose Him and submit to His will for us. I remember when my husband and I separated back in 2007, I was devastated and fell to my knees praying to God. I was angry, hurt and confused. I had no where to turn and finally said, “ok, God I give in! I submit to You, only You can get me through this.” I have to admit that my selfishness, fear, controlling nature took many more years for Him to break but when God did enough in and around me it did finally break.

Where to find strength

That deep submission to God and His ways is where I finally found His power to face anything that comes at me. Now I and my husband were allowed to buy a home that is a fixer upper. We have financial burdens that before my full submission would have me a ball of anxiety. I may not be physically falling to my knees, but I do know who to talk to when my anxiety wants to rear its ugly head. I stop everything I am doing and speak to God, even if it is just a few words sending my fears to Him. Letting Him know I cannot do this alone I need Him to show and do it for me. So, where to find to find might is by giving up our own power to replace it with His might.

where to find strength
Our new home

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  1. I agree with you that focusing on the end times is not the best use of our time. Jesus made it clear that no one knows the day or the hour and shared many parables about how to be ready. The trust and love that brings us to willing submission shows that we know the character of God. (Even though sometimes our submission is more like” Ok, Lord, I’ve tried everything. Now I give it over to you. “) And I picture Him doing a face plant and saying,” About time, Kiddo! ”
    I am excited for you getting your own home. Congratulations. It looks very nice and you’ll have fun adding the touches that make it yours.

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