Change in new user registration

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Just to keep you informed:

This will not affect current users, or at least it shouldn’t, but for security reasons, I need to change the “anyone can register” option. I have had this option checked for convenience and simplicity sake, but a couple of “auto-bots” or fake users tried to register on this site. When I looked up the e-mail addresses, both of them were from a foreign country, and they didn’t fill out a user profile or biographical information. As I have said from the beginning, and continue to say, I will keep my people on this site safe, to the best of my ability. 

From now on, people will need to contact me for permission to join the site. Thank you for your prayers for the site, it’s members, content, effectiveness, and security. God’s will be done with Pastor John’s Senior Moments and in each of our lives.

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