Trauma of the body can affect the body, mind, and spirit. This piece is about the impact trauma can have on us, and a few practical suggestions how to deal with it. I would really like to hear your story of how you or a family member has processed physical trauma. Please log in (or register if you have not done so already), click on the link, “leave a reply” and share your perspective.

Pastor John

Today is a tough day for my sister, Linda Kamoji. She is a site member, and I know she would appreciate your prayers. Today would have been hers and Dan’s 46th anniversary. This is her first anniversary as a widow, and it is hard. Linda is the one who led me to Christ, for which I am (literally) eternally grateful. 

She and Dan had a strong faith, both individually and as a couple. They had a scripture verse they said together every morning: “Oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!” – (Ps. 34:3) That was their verse together, and it is Linda’s verse and prayer now, to magnify Jesus, and exalt (lift high) His name. 

Grief is hard under any circumstances, but may be especially hard if you lose a spouse. This is something Linda pointed out to me, and shared this link to Grief in Common

I would like to ask readers to check out this site and use it to pray with understanding, or maybe to help you deal with this kind of grief. I want everybody here to be ministered to and to grow closer to Jesus. I hope this post does just that.

I have four great sisters (no brothers). Pray for them, as I am praying for you and your family. (You may hold me accountable for this.)

Until next time,
Pastor John