Building a Godly Man is Who God lead Me To Next

Building a Godly Man
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Building a Godly Man

I say building as in the process of being built because we are all in the process of being built. When I met my current and second husband he had just recently accepted the Lord. He grew up in a Christian family, but as all families, they had their background issues. Also, my husband has a brain injury. He was in two separate car accidents and his injuries were newer than mine. I want to say in like the year 1997. I could be a year or two off though.

Building a Godly Man

Where I met my husband was a God thing. That is the only way to describe it. I finally got the courage to step out and become part of a support group. I had never met anyone yet in this west coast state that suffered with a brain injury. I felt like no one really understood me. The only support group that came close to finding people to understand was NAMI. National Alliance on Mental Illness. I am diagnosed with a form of depression so I thought why not. My first meeting was my husbands first meeting with NAMI. He was seeking same thing as I, support, meet others suffering like him.

In this meeting we all went around the room to introduce ourselves and tell why we were there. It came to me first and I tried to explain who I was and why I thought I fit in the group. Then a few more people talked and it came time to my husband to share. (no at this time I did not even know who he was) He shared that he had a brain injury and I felt chills all over. Wow, really? Someone with a brain injury! Someone who could understand?! We automatically started talking about symptoms, and how it affects us daily, and affect our families. The group leader had to stop us so the meeting could go on. But we were hooked! After the meeting we connected. We shared phone numbers.

Building a Godly Man

I do not know why, but this part of my story is harder for me to write. Maybe because it is because I see some of the same impulsive behaviors in me. What I do know is the years I closed myself off I did pray to God. I asked him to bring me a Christian man. I wanted to know what it was like to have a man love God, love me, and raise my children to love God. I saw Christian marriages as the perfect marriage. God heard my prayer, he had the perfect man for me, just He knew I was not at a point to be the Christian wife. My motivations were still too selfish, and focused on my children. I now know that a Christian need to be both spouses putting God above each other, then the spouse, children, relatives, finally friends. I was focused on someone to help me, to love me, and to help with my children. Not on God.

God knew my current husband and I were at similar points in our walk with Him. He knew our future, and put us together. It was a whirlwind relationship but I fell head over heels. Finally someone outside of my small professional circle I could relate to. We used to talk for hours on the phone. I was still going to the Mormon church and my husband had all the knowledge about the Bible and other religions. He did not have the submission down yet, but the knowledge. He spent many hours telling me how wrong the Mormon church was. I felt like I cannot leave the church because finally I found a church to accept my special needs children. I knew in my heart their beliefs were wrong, but in my head I needed my kids to experience going with other kids and doing activities.

Building a Godly Man

I remember the first time I went to meet my husband. He was at his grandma’s house but I did not realize that was not where he lived. I loved his grandma! At this time she was blind, deaf, and could barely walk. She could not hear him, but for some reason she could hear me. So, I became his interpreter for his grandma. She was a strong caring woman.

After this meeting it was time for his 30th birthday. He called me and invited me to his party. Without even thinking about it I went to his grandma’s house. I knocked and knocked. When she answered I felt bad. She was home alone and had to struggle to answer the door. She told me he did not live there. So I called him to get directions to his mom and step dads house where he did live.

When I got there I was so impressed! So many people to celebrate his birthday! What really got me though was the over the hill signs! I am 5 years older than him! (as I chuckle at the thought) This party is what hooked me. I thought there has to be something about this man if he has so many family and friends to celebrate him. His family were so accepting of me even though they never met me before.

I need to share with you though a very funny story from the party. His friend came with a live goose. I laughed so hard. This guy walked into the party late carrying the goose went straight to my husband and said here happy birthday! My husband grabbed the goose and was like, um, what! Everyone laughing so hard. His friend took his pet goose home with him but it was a good laugh!

After that my husband and I went outside and were talking. One of his uncles came over to say hi and to meet me. After talking for a bit his uncle made a prediction that he and I were in love. I was like what? I just met this man. But he was right, I fell for my husband at that party if not earlier. His family, his knowledge of God, his understanding my brain injury. I was so drawn to him. I felt I was no longer alone in this west coast state. (as I start to cry)

Building a Godly Man

All this was to prepare my heart for what was going to happen next. To love my husband beyond our bad decisions. Beyond the hurt our relationship would cause. Because God put us together, but He also knew the things we needed to experience to solidify our relationship. I will talk more about these experiences in my next installment.

I pray that God is speaking to you through my story, showing you that no matter what. God is shaping you to be who He needs you to be. That He can and will use you as He works to shape you. I am here to pray and talk if you need it. Just know I and God loves you

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  1. It was hilarious. Here I am I know no one but my husband, on top of it I did not even know him well either. This guy walks in as my husband is opening his gifts of over the hill prank gifts. This live big white goose in this guys arms and he hands it to my husband and says happy birthday. I was like what this is crazy people! lol

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