Broken but still useful, still productive – but – time for a new computer!

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Broken but still useful, still productive – but – time for a new computer!


                                  broken computer

The front of my computer looks sad right now. For two or three months, the case for the computer has been cracked, due to a heavy object that sat on it. The wide tape was holding things together pretty good until yesterday when a piece broke off the other side and exposed the inner framework of the computer.

The crazy thing is, the computer still works. You see, the inside is still useful and productive. There is nothing wrong with the “heart” of the computer. It is just the shell that is broken. And so it is for us as we get older.

Our body may be stressed, fractured, or even broken, but our core, our inner man, our very heart is not broken. It is whole. Let us remember that our heart is where Jesus is. His resurrection power is in us. We are safe and secure and empowered as we rest in His unchanging hands. Does our heart get wounded, injured, and even broken? It can, but Jesus is always there to mend it, to heal it, to call it back to life and wholeness. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit of God living in our inner man, our heart, our soul.

The body may bring us down, and often does, but there is an unending power source in our heart, and His name is Jesus. To Him, we give the glory!

“Lord, we lay our lives before You right now – body, mind, and soul. We ask that you bring healing, comfort, and peace to all of the above. Sustain us in our broken state, and let Your grace win the day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


  1. Amen. I really relate to this. I am broken body and spirit, but Jesus is putting everything together for me. Jesus has given me the strength, the words, the comfort. I am so grateful🙏

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