Because of The Lord I Am Alive Today

I am alive today
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I am alive today

As I sit here with my knees hurting ever so bad, I think of how grateful I am alive today. At least I am alive to feel this pain, to suffer through the circumstances. God’s purpose in my life has not been fully fulfilled yet. I still have things to learn so He can use me in his plan for my life. This morning I would like to share some of my past posts. Some of the reasons I am thankful I am where I am today. Some of my testimony of the direction God’s purpose has been taking. To show how my life is a testimony for Jesus.

I am alive today
A road going through the woods with the words I am grateful for being alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.

I am alive today

What about you? Are you able to look back through your life and see the direction God is taking you? What are your passions, what you love? What about what makes you angry, so fed up to see injustice in the world? What experiences and circumstances have you lived through? Have you ever wondered what is God’s purpose for your life? I know I am alive today so God can show that my testimony for Jesus. To share my story and how God has provided, shaped, and given me strength through it all. Do you think you have a life story that could help others see Jesus through it? There is always room here for other peoples stories. Just reach out to me here, lets talk about it:Prayer/Support 

Outside sources

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  1. Such kind words from you both! I am honored. While we are trying to figure out what is going on with my back and leg issues, I’m not able to commit to any particular schedule. However, please, anytime you see something I write that either of you think might be of interest to others, please feel free to share it. I love to respond to your posts. It feels kind of like a Bible study and gets me thinking. 🌷

  2. Oh yes! There are times where I see an outcome and know that God was using me. I say outcome, because usually I don’t realize that I touched a life, in some way,for God until after it has happened. I mean, I’m always trying to seek his will and I do understand that to whom much is given, from them much is expected.
    Sometimes, I just look back on the way a situation or relationship worked out and say, ” Wow! God used me here.! ” what an honor and a wonder that is to me. With me, it hasn’t been so much evangelizing or sharing my testimony, although that has happened, but he usually puts me in the position of an encourager, or interscessor, or as a sort of Christian life coach or sometimes as a teacher. It doesn’t happen every day, but it amazes me that even as a person who doesn’t get around well, and can’t go out often, God still finds use for me!
    I feel like we Christians can be likened to a sports team, where everyone has a position to play. We’ve got our missionaries, clergy and evangelists out front, and those with other spiritual gifts as support, keeping the ball advancing, so to speak, and finally we have goalies, the people who keep the ball in play…saving it in the last ditch. They would be the prison ministers, food pantries, counselors, shelters. Those who save that Christian from being lost. Sure, sometimes Our Coach sends us in to a new or different position, but each one is important in furthering the Kingdom of God.

    1. This is so true. So you fully understand why I write and my site. I do not get out much either. You know Jill I think you have much to share with the world have you ever considered blogging? Writing for Pastor John and/ or I?

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