Asset out of Containment! A word picture for sheep who step away from Jesus

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“Asset out of containment!”

Jesus is a shepherd

Lamb sitting on the grass

Recently Karen and I watched one of the Jurrasic Park movies on TV. In this particular scene, the dinosaur had gotten out of their area and had even removed the tracker placed in his body. He was not where he was supposed to be or where they expected or needed him to be. He was out of containment. 

Similarly, Christians can get out of where God wants, needs, and expects them to be. They are away from the sheep, away from the shepherd, and putting themselves at great risk from attack by the enemy. How they got there is a topic for a later post. For now, let’s just look at what it means to be in the wrong place and away from the Good Shepherd. 

Jesus is calling for His sheep, His “assets”, His people. He is calling for us to follow Him, to hear His voice, respond to His leading. They (we) need Jesus but we can’t hear Him. We are too far away. We have wandered from close fellowship with Him. They, again we, are doing our own thing, proud, self-sufficient, in charge of our own destiny (or so we think.) We think we are the masters of our territory and we enjoy the freedom from having to follow all those instructions from the Shepherd. But we don’t like the wolves or the thieves that come to rob us of our joy and protection under the watchful eye of the Shepherd of our souls. 

So what is a sheep to do? Turn around. Look at Jesus. Listen to Him. Walk towards Him.  Maybe run towards Him. He is the Good Shepherd, who lays down His life for the Sheep. That’s you. That’s me. That’s us. And that is Jesus, our loving, kind, generous Savior, rescuer, redeemer, and friend. 

Gentle Shepherd, come and feed us, lead us, protect us, and surround us with Your arms of love.


  1. This world can make it easy for sheep to wander and they may not even realize it until they are in danger.What is a sheep to do? I guess, check often that we are within the protection and the will of the Lord.
    I have strayed so many times, not meaning to, but like a toddler at the mall, I get distracted and wander off. I am thankful beyond words for my Good Shepherd. He always finds me and receives me joyfully.

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