Are our asking and our acting out of order?

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Sometimes God gives us instructions, and we say “Yeah, I really need to do that. I need to get that done. I know, Lord, that I need to talk to that person, pray for them, forgive them. Remind me to get on that in the morning. Good night. Oh yeah, I almost forgot what I was going to ask. Can you help me get stuff done around the house? I am really behind on that – oh, and I could use some help in a lot of other areas too. Thanks for listening.” Oops.

I think that kind of prayer is missing something – obedience. We can’t expect God to answer our prayers if we are not doing what we know He’s already told us to do – pray, forgive, speak, be quiet, sing, whatever the Spirit has impressed on our hearts.

God is generous to listen to us, His children. Sometimes we need to be a little quicker to listen to Him. (Does anybody else find this writing to be as convicting as I do?) Lord, have mercy.

Until next time,
Pastor John

(Now what was it God was asking me to do? I know it was something.)


  1. On Yes, That’s me! I forget to ask God what I can do for him and yet pray often about the areas of my life in which I need His help. Lately, I have made up a morning prayer from a compilation of some of my favorite benedictions. It’s short, sweet and doesn’t mean I don’t have to keep listening for His voice throughout the day. It’s just to remind myself that Christianity is a two way street and God has work for me!
    So while Sophie wrigles beside me, eager to start the day, I say:
    “Go out into the world in peace
    Hold fast to that which is good
    Be of good courage
    Render to no person evil for evil
    Support the weak
    Help the afflicted
    Honor all persons
    And unto Him who is able to keep us from falling
    And present us flawless before the Throne of God
    Be all honor, glory and majesty
    Now and forever.
    Then we’re off🐕🐾🐕🐾

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