1. I pray that The Holy Spirit guides you toward God’s wisdom and his Holy will for your life. Also, may the peace of Jesus rest over your body and mind as you sort things out.

  2. Wow! I needed to read that today! I have a health issue that causes pain and mobility limitations. They recently took me off a medication because it wasn’t helpful and risky to use long term. The side effects of stopping this medicine are pain and fatigue and a delightful rash! So, I’m in sloth mode right now, for sure. The poem made me feel ok about dropping out for a bit. ( Signed, the lazy, grumpy, tired, sore and itchy, Solitaire playing mess but still daughter of a king!)😺

    1. That’s awesome that God used that to minister to you. He did that for me as well. My issue is not pain so much as it is minor pain coming at a time when I have prostate pain, I have to make a quick decision, someone asks me a question, I don’t know how to make the next decision or the next step, but I feel like it has to be done right now and has to be exactly right. Does that sound like bondage? I believe it is. I need to allow myself the freedom to be human and to realize that no one is designed to process multiple things at once. Even in typing this, I had to try to get three things done before I could finish it. The point is, God continues to bring me through and to be in full command of the situation, whatever it may be. God’s got my back.

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